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Keratex Hoof Shield
The Horse's Nail Polish.

Keratex Hoof Shield is the ultimate show quality cosmetic lacquer, giving hooves a superb high gloss finish which is hard wearing and durable. It has none of the mess and stickiness associated with oils and greases.

Consolidates shelly hooves by forming a hard protective layer and can be used to tighten slightly loose clenches. Dries to a hard transparent surface in seconds.

User Notes - Sold in 250 ml plastic bottles

Degrease the hoof with acetone. When first using Keratex Hoof Shield apply two to three coats to a properly prepared hoof. Thereafter, a weekly application should suffice. Use acetone to remove Keratex Hoof Shield from the hoof.

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  Keratex Hoof Shield 250 ml $19.50

Keratex Hoof Shield is the Clean, Modern Way of Ensuring Equine Hooves Always Look Good.

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