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Keratex Equine Hoofcare Product Overview

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Keratex Hoof Hardener   -  Selected as Horse-Journal "Editor's Choice" & "Product of the Year"

Strengthens, Hardens and Protects Hooves. Also Great for Tender Soles.

Keratex Hoof Gel  -   
Selected as Horse-Journal "Best Buy"

Excellent Year-round Maintenance Product. Especially Great for Wet Weather.  

Keratex Hoof Shield   

Ultimate High Gloss Cosmetic Show Polish for Horses' Hooves.

Keratex Frog Disinfectant  

Powerful Disinfectant Squirt for a Healthy Frog.

Keratex Mud Shield Powder

Waterproofs Legs & Body Against Effects of Mud & Water. Great for treating Rain Rot & Scratches.

Keratex Nail Hole Disinfectant 

Powerful Antiseptic Squirt Fights Infection. Great for Seedy Toe & White Line.

Keratex Hoof Wash

Powerful Disinfectrant Cleansing Wash for the Complete Hoof.

Keratex Cooling Gel

Soothes and Cools Muscles, Tendons and Ligaments after Hard Work.

Keratex Hoof Putty  

Protection & Organic Disinfectant for Abscesses & Hoof Cavities.


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